The Services of 7W Internet Marketing

In recent years, the emphasis of our work has increasingly shifted to online instruments that aim to find new customers and bind existing customers. The most profitable mix of these instruments always depends on the markets in which clients operate and their ambitions. As Online Marketing specialists we offer you a wide variety of services to support your business.

7W specialist in Google Adwords

Both above and below the results, Google displays ads that have a clear relationship with the search. Organic results are displayed for free, but it is a huge challenge to be listed on the first page. Advertisers, however, have to pay for their listings. Search Engine Advertising (SEA) is a low-threshold tool to obtain a high position in Search, Display, Video and App, by using all the features that Google Ads, formerly known as Adwords, has to offer.

Google Adwords
7W goed in e-mailmarketing

Many studies have already been carried out into the effect of online instruments. The results of these studies always show the same picture: Email marketing, which is used personally, yields the most return. How do you ensure that you can communicate with customers and prospects 1:1?

7W specialist in Social Media bedrijven

Is the use of social media limited to private individuals only or can companies benefit from it? What should I do, as an entrepreneur, to start and keep up with it? These are regularly asked questions. Let it be clear: no company, regardless of its size, can do without a plan for social platforms and networks nowadays! We would like to take you along the tips, possibilities and the services of 7W in setting up and using social media.

Social Media
Search Engine Optimization SEO hoog scoren Google 7W specialist

“How can I be listed high in Google’s search results?” We hear this question every day. In many sectors, a good ranking in search engines is an important requirement to get in touch with new customers. Improving your ranking does not happen by itself; you really have to work on it! 7W clarifies a number of the more than 200 factors for search engine optimization.

Search Engine Optimization
7W specialist in affiliate marketing online adverteren

Among the tools that exist for online advertising, Affiliate Marketing is becoming increasingly popular. The purpose of this concept is that advertisers pay a reward to affiliates, often publishers, when they generate a new (buying) customer through the internet. The program offers benefits for both parties. 7W likes to explain the no-cure, no-pay technique and the marketing opportunities.

Affiliate Marketing
7W expert in content en foto afbeeldingen storytelling

Content, video and pictures are of great importance when it comes to the image of a company, brand building and the way you show up in the listings of search engines. The right use of text and images is often referred to by online experts as ‘Content is key’. Besides the website or webshop, this also applies to newsletters, social media, banners, blogs and other means of exposure.

Content & Images
7W specialist in Webdesign en webdevelopment

A professional website is the basis for making a good online impression. The site can be built in a template, such as WordPress, or by means of customized web design. 7W offers both possibilities. Creative, distinctive, up-to-date and exciting. Our developers use responsive web design to create websites that meet all current requirements. Sites that are suitable for displaying on desktop computers as well as tablets and smartphones. Visitors will get a professional impression on all screens, regardless their device!

Webdesign & Development
7W Internet Marketing - Web Services

In addition to Webdesign, Development and Online Marketing, 7W provides a wide variety of services for success on the internet, without you worrying about it. For example, we register your domain name and the hosting of your website takes place on servers in a state of the art data center, where our partners monitor your security 24/7. 7W also make arrangements for quality marks and SSL certificates. Upon request, we manage your online reputation (Webcare) and take over the daily care for up-dates, mail and backups.

Internet Services
7W ook voor flexibele invulling personele bezetting tijdelijk zwangerschap ziekte projectbasis

Many organizations prefer to manage staffing in a flexible way. Because the work only covers a limited number of hours per week, for example, or when tasks are difficult to combine with other functions. Sometimes because the work has a temporary character, in case of projects or replacement during maternity leave.

Staffing & Outsourcing